A good read

Probably my last blog before the Europe adventure begins but I wanted to tell everyone about this brill book I’ve found… The Curious Incident of the WMD in Iraq by Rohan Candappa. It’s very funny and well worth reading. Candappa also wrote the The Little Book of Stress, which is an absolute must for every book shelf, everywhere. Read it and weep with laughter!

Travel plans so far:
Day 1 Harwich to Amsterdam
Day 2 Amsterdam to Hamburg via Utrecht
Day 3 Meeting Lukas in Hamburg
Day 4 Hamburg to Copenhagan where we plan to stay with friendly Hospitality Club member
Day 5 Copenhagen to Oslo
Day 6 Oslo
Day 7 Oslo to west Norway to visit Keyvan’s friend Lydie
Day 8 Fjords galore
Day 9 Fjords some more

After that it’s down to Venice for the 15th – but that bit’s not planned yet as Keyvan has kindly left that up to me!

Finally lots of thanks to all the lovely friends who have been wishing me happy travels! See you all soon!

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