Enjoying the free elements

I had a simply wonderful day yesterday sailing on Pitsford Reservoir. Family members have donated 2 lazer picos to the sailing club in memory of my Great Uncle Bill and we had a lovely day sailing them up and down. It was great to sail again as I haven’t sailed for 7 or so years and the exhilaration you experience when the wind catches your sail and sends you skimming across the water is fantastic!

Received an email from an old uni friend. He’s in the middle of trying to help out in the Burma situation. See his website for more details:

The situation in Burma is very bad – basically nasty military dictatorship that spends nearly half of the regime’s budget on the military and only two to four percent on health (figures from UNICEF). Slave labour, bad big business investing there, oppression and more. See the below link for more information:

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