Enough pomp and ceremony to last a lifetime

I’ve just come back from watching The Rocky Horror Show at Cow Tower. It’s always nice when the city council put something on for free – although the bizarre police presence was a little unnerving! It was fascinating but I wasn’t sure which I was supposed to watch: the show or the audience and ended up oscillating between the two.

It’s been another long day with yet another graduation (teaching qualification this time) full of pseudo pomp and ceremony. I don’t like this dead weight of tradition but fancy dress is always fun.

The anti-highlight was probably when the Vice Chancellor was given an honour degree of some kind and his ‘contribution to the university’ praised. There was oddly enough no mention of his failure to support the university lecturers in their attempt to secure a living wage, or his decision to close the schools of Drama and that of Languages, Linguistics and Translation Studies because they weren’t finically viable. I’m pretty sure they didn’t mention his attempts to make the university less democratic and less transparent in its dealings either.

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