It’s ridiculous late but I’m still getting over-excited by html and so sleep is out of the question.

Later today I’ll be jugging between graduating from UEA with an MA (yes gown and all!), picking my dad up from the airport, getting a long needed haircut, and dropping off free shop stuff at my friendly local housing co-op. Probably all in the wrong order. So some sleep would have been good, but oh well what can you do. Luckily I have the co-op car to do all these things in. It’s small, white and a wee bit rusty but generally seems to work.

My good friend Matthew and his computer-loving friend have just left sunny Norwich to go to NY. They are flying with Air India, so I’m hoping they make it across the ocean. Eating curry when you fly sounds pretty good but the dying horribly in a crash doesn’t seem to be so much of a perk.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Suzi is so self-effacing; she was the real star of the whole ceremony. If I had known she was going through it all again the next day, I’d have been back like a shot to cheer her on. Her dramatic scamper across the rows of seats to befriend an aged aged member of NUS ( and Unison pensioner as it happens) deserv ed a gold medal.

  2. Suzi S Says:

    Peter! I’m guessing! What nonsense… it was wonderful to see you again. It would be great to meet up for coffee and dissertation discussions sometime. Drop me an email sometime soon.

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