A full day in England

My first full day back in England. It was lovely to chill out and not rush anywhere or see anything! I’ve barely done anything except crawl out of the house to buy fruit and other necessities such as biscuits, watch bad films and hang out with friends. I spent a pleasant evening dividing my time between Matthew and Will’s birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Will if you’re reading this! It was lovely singing happy birthday, eating delicious vegan chocolate cake and drinking red wine. Of course after being in Tuscany the wine pales into insignificance but I’m adjusting quite well – with some practice there won’t be a problem. Had fun chatting to Joe Button, which resulted in my agreement to give him his CD/DVD writer back and look after his guitar for him. I’m quite surprised that he wants to store it at my house, as I’ll only try to play it. Tip off for Joe fans – he might be playing at the Blueberry pub tomorrow night. Check out the Anna Mudeka band gigs if you want to see him play.

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