Beautiful Bergen

Bergen is really quite nice. It’s a university town, with hills and fijords surrounding it and a general relaxed atmosphere. Seems like a perfect place to live! We’ve come across anti-war posters and some sort of anarchist cafe that doesn’t seem to be running but that gives us hope that there might be interesting politics going on here.
The place is pretty good for travellers as there is a fantastic tourist info place and colourful easy to read maps available all over the city. There are lots of museums and churches that we’ve mainly failed to go in but we have climbed the hill (mountain) and looked down over Bergen which was very satisfying. A cable car runs up the hill for those who want to get there a little quicker but in spite of Keyvan’s entreates we walked up!
The only downside is the prices and the animal skins in the markets. When I get a chance to put some photos up you’ll be able to see the horror of skinned foxes, wolves and seals for yourselves.

We plan to hang around here for the day or possibly get the train to Voss and check out the scenery there. Then the ferry to Stavenger for a couple of days at the oil capital of Norway! Weather is warm and we’ve been lucky with the lack of rain as it rains about 2\3 of the time normally.

I’m off to get a somewhat belated breakfast… probably coffee and cake as I’ve found fairtrade coffee and cakes that taste much better than danish pastries!

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