From dirty Denmark to Nordic cleanliness

I’m writing from Bergen in Norway. It’s a lovely little town though the walk from the ferry to the centre was a triffle depressing. We’re staying in private rooms high above the city on the hill. The view of Bergan is wonderful from the front doorstep.

Copenhagen was a bit of a disappointment – the centre with the train station and the Radhus was very dirty, crowded and generally unpleasant. The water front was a bit better and we enjoyed walking along it to see the little mermaid.

Christiania was interesting. Hippy tastic social experiment that has been running since the 1970s. It’s well worth a visit if you get the chance. If you have hung out with eco or socialist hippies you probably have an idea of what the place will be like but it is unique bacause it is so big and practically in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s a wonder the police haven’t shut it down. There was a really nice relaxed environment and Keyvan and I really enjoyed wandering around eating the best food of our trip, listening to music and drinking in the atmosphere. The centre of the place wasn’t as nice as the residential areas around it, so it’s well worth wandering out of Pusher Street to see some of the houses the hippies live in.

We travelled from Copenhagen to Hjorring on the most crowded train ever! Not a spare inch of floor space! Hjorring to Hirtshals and then a ferry to Bergen. The ferry was lovely, standing on the dek and breathing in the fresh sea air was a treat. The ferry runs over night so that tired travellers can sleep!

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