Mooching in Portobello

A wonderfully lazy day today, I mooched around London breathing in the atmosphere. Had my first experience of Portobello Market – wow what a place! Where to start describing! The colours, the people, the smells, the sounds… ok I give up! I wandered to Kensington and had a quick look at the palace – still lots of tributes to Diana despite the fact that she died about a decade ago – people really like the idea that she was a ‘princess of hearts’ despite the fact she never relinquished her absurd title or redistributed her unnecessary wealth. Popped into the V&A only to be disappointed that there was no water in what I have dubbed the paddling pool so my feet stayed dry and hot! Ended up rather randomly eating crêpes! Not sure how that happened. It then rained until I made it into the tube.

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