Refreshed by Arhus

We have been having a lovely time in Arhus despite the rain. There is a wonderful bike scheme here, you deposit 20Dkr in the bike and release it from its stand ans reclaim your money when you return the bike to one of the many convenient stands located around the city. We have been cycling around ever since we arrived and it has been truly wonderful! We cycled as far as Moesgard today to look at a 2000 year old body preserved in a peat bog. Arhus is quite a nice city, very low key and normal but right by the sea so there is really quite an exciting mix of countryside and town.

It has been lovely having a couple of days in the same place. We plan to travel to Italy tomorrow to meet Hedda so 24h on a train might kill us but hopefully this little break has refreshed us for more travelling.

Hope to find a way to put pics on internet soon… watch this space!

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