Siena’s medieval beauty

Woke up very early (7am!) and after eating a hasty breakfast I legged it to the Galleria del Accademia to see David. I was the first there about 7.30 and it was lovely to miss the place because there were no queues outside! Luckily despite walking past it several times I managed to be the very first in the queue! which made me feel special and justified in waking up early. The gallery is full of amazing works of arts and well worth a visit. Davis is huge and impressive. I also discovered Lorenzo Bartalini’s work which is wonderful, esp. liked Titian’s Venus!

I think waking up early and getting to the sights first is probably the best way to deal with Florence as during the day the queues are too daunting to join!

Caught the train from Florence to Siena about 11am. We arrived and went straight to our somewhat spartan but clean youth hostel on the outskirts of the city. We’ve just ventured into the centre via the last bus of the day (2pm!) Once again I was in search of internet to find out train times but I had to stop by the first pizzaria to buy a well earned slice of pizza.

Siena is a lovely medieval style city with tall buildings and bendy streets. I’m off to Turin tomorrow to meet up with Keyvan who has nipped up there to visit a friend. From Turin we will make our way home on Monday for a well earned sleep!

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