Soaring with the Gods

Clearly a slice of heaven: view from top of hill in San Gimignano

Well I’m back in sunny England. It’s so good to be home in front of a computer that I’m not quite sure what to do! 3 weeks of Internet deprivation was hard, but what I missed most was books. Being such sensible travellers Keyvan and I took the tiniest little rucksacks and what with the lonely planet guide and the Thomas cook timetable there was no room for anything lighter!

Journey back was pretty good. I visited San Gimignano with Hedda and Adil before heading up to Turino to meet up with Keyvan.

We checked into the hotel nearest to the train station and ate as much breakfast was we could this morning! From there we bused it to the airport. I know it’s very bad to fly – global warming and all but there is something so liberating and exciting about seeing the earth from above. It was an amazing flight back over the glacier-speckled Alps and through the clouds back to England.

We hung around waiting for the train back to Norwich in the corporate oasis behind the Liverpool Street Station – it’s a well kept secret as far as I can judge by the lack of people there, but it’s well worth finding if you’re waiting for a train for a long time.

Plans now I’m home? Sleep! Catch up with everyone. Celebrate Will’s birthday tomorrow with Tuscan wine!

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