Questioning the interview

Picked up the beautiful new bike that is now mine. It was not as joyful riding it around as I thought it might be but I think I just have to get used to it and then it will bring me oodles of joy. Done lots of hanging out with various people today and as a result now have firefox as my web browser on my laptop and a skype account.

Have just spent many happy hours talking on Skype – VOIP rocks!

Random interview question of the day: Why are manhole covers round?
Any interview questions you’ve come across? Leave a comment!

2 Responses to “Questioning the interview”

  1. Karamoon Says:

    Manhole covers are round so that they don’t kill people. Square manhole covers could fall into the manhole because the diagonal of a square is about 1.414 times as long as the side of a square. Round manhole covers can’t fall into the manhole.

  2. Suzi S Says:

    Very true Karamoon! Interview points for you!

    If anyone is interested in learning more, go to wikipedia.

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