Love and tears

Reading Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, I think this is his most famous work and it is a good read. Fromm is one of the most perceptive and interesting writers that I have ever read and I would recommend anyone who is interested in psychology and social philosophy to read his work.
After a late start to the day I have finally got up, eaten breakfast and done some preparation for work tomorrow. I have to get fairly early in order to tube it across London to catch my train home. I have so far failed to see much of London. I did spend a happy hour wandering around Chiswick in the premature dark yesterday and managed to get myself a passable coat from Oxfam! How would I live without charity shops! Have you seen the price of clothes? And to think they are all pretty much made in sweat shops so why they are so expensive is purely testament to human greed! Check out Labour Behind The Label or the No Sweat websites if you want to join in the fight against sweat shop conditions.

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