Ensconced in London

I’m happily ensconced in London, tucked up in bed with a book on syntax! I think we’re half planning to go to Portobello Market later and then I want to convince Keyvan to do something crazy like go to the Planetarium! He’s busy wandering round his house with a alarm system fitting man planning panic buttons and the like and the moment. The house got broken into last weekend and poor K had one of his camera lens stolen not to mention his laptop and other such stealables. I think they must have been a little disappointed that the house wasn’t crammed full of treasures. Horrible to get broken into and feel insecure in your own house, I think an alarm should deter future disturbers of the Hammersmith peace.

Might have a break in the old education thing and watch a bit of Ali G. So much funnier than Borat!!

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