Over far too quickly

The weekend was lovely but over far too quickly. Lots of technical things were attended to such as the change of ISP and wireless router and the cleaning of the house. On Thursday night we went to see the Xmas lights being switched on in the centre. They surprised us with fireworks. It was all rather good – the fireworks that is – not the fake looking Santa’s, token dog collar wearer, or the shameless personal plugs from the ‘hosts’ of the evening who spent a disproportionate amount of time advertising their things and selves.
I watched the rest of the very good V for Vendetta. Good film. We had lovely friends Adam, Rich and Susie over for dinner, wine drinking and Jenga playing on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was spent stopping Keyvan from writing his essay. So I think he should know that I do feel a little guilty about that as he sits up tonight frantically writing it.
After a day at work I have another day off tomorrow! This part time work is perfect  I might try and go for a walk in some woods or on the beach tomorrow. Any ideas of where is nice to go?

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