The inconvenience of truth

Last night I braved the cold and the potential rain to cycle the 10 minutes into town to see An Inconvenient Truth at Cinema City with my house mate and Joe B. I thought it was really good! There were of course drawbacks (such as the overly rich symbolism that oozes out in the shots of Al Gore in a dark tunnel walking towards the light!) But all in all the film made climate change understandable with lots of pictures and colourful charts. It was aimed at an audience that needed convincing that climate change was happening but it gave a lot of useful information and I wanted to clap at the end but was constrained by convention and the people sitting next to me. Recommended viewing!

Am enjoying a rare day off work 🙂 Reading Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – a well read and time tested classic!

Outside looks quite nice… I might venture out!

2 Responses to “The inconvenience of truth”

  1. Mooo... Says:

    Down with Dale Carnegie!! and that sort of thing 🙂

  2. suzishimwell Says:

    It’s brill! Have you read it? I guess these books shouldn’t be taken too seriously but it is a classic!

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