I’m in Bath at the moment. It’s really a lovely city. The Bath Spa Campus is also delightful – an old house complete with follies being used by a university. It seems like a lovely place to study. As well a wandering around the lake, drinking in the snowbells and pseudo medieval buildings, I’ve been sightseeing with my Mum and absorbing in the strangely static 18th Century town. It’s a shame that the buildings are being defiled with pollution from all the cars but other than that a lot of the town has been remarkably conserved. Visited the Pump room yesterday, in order to drink tea, listen to classical musicians and peep out the roman ruin encased source of one of the hot springs and Baths wealth.
There is quite a lot to see in Bath, unfortunately some of it requires money so we’re trying to squeeze in as much freeness as possible. We’ve already had a look at the Victoria Art Gallery, which is well worth a visit as there is a small but good collection of art there. We’ve taken in the Circus and the Royal Crescent and the countless C18th roads as well as a resorted Georgian Garden and hope to see all the other main sights but the end of tomorrow!!
Must dash off as it’s a lovely day outside!

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