Climbing a mountain

I climbed Mount Snowdon at the weekend! It was surprisingly easy – well in an incredibly difficult way. I still can’t believe that I got to the top. It was wet and windy at the top yet bizarrely my fellow climbers stood about taking photos! On the torturous way down my seemingly sturdy walking boots broke and so with both soles flapping wildly like giant clown shoes I made my way down the mountain. If climbing Snowdon, remember to pack warm dry clothes to put on at the end of the journey and don’t finish a climb off with a 3 hour car ride, soaking wet with one too many people in the backseat of the car!
The weekend was amazing though; Snowdon included. It is so wonderful to be in beautiful mountainous surroundings breathing in clean air. I would have liked to have stayed. You can see some of the photos here.

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