Mark Wallinger

Went to see Mark Wallinger’s State Britain at Tate Britain the other day, it was amazing – an exact replica of Brian Haw’s protest. There were some very disturbing images of deformed and dead babies and other such horror. Well if you’ve been to see Brain Haw’s protest then I don’t really need to describe it to you. It was interesting to have such imagery in a respected art gallery rather than on the street where it is usually seen. Afterwards we stayed at the gallery to listen to views on free expression, it turns out that the first Friday of every month there are free talks and film showings. Last Friday was all about protest so it was particularly interesting, we didn’t stay to watch The Weather Underground but it was interesting that it was being shown. The next ‘Late at Tate’ is on the 6th July. The talk was quite interesting but the best bit was when a member of the audience suggested that we stormed the Tate and took the exhibition back to Parliament Square – needless to say no-one took up the idea! Probably just as well as we didn’t have our camera.

I’ve been trying to write a CELTA essay, plan a lesson and catch up on my OU reading this weekend but I still haven’t got anything finished! Best get back to working. I’m off to Kew Gardens with Rumi tomorrow. I haven’t been since I was little and it was free so it will be fun if expensive to go.

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