Political voices

I went to Norwich Arts Centre to see Rory McVicar, Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson last night. Some of the songs were great. I took to Rory McVicar and the groovy old films they had playing on the screen behind them.

John Pilger was great! Of course a lot was squished into 2 hours so it has its limitations but otherwise it was a well made film. Heartrending but necessary. It was good to see the man himself. What a guy! A life time of investigative journalism! He must be very strong to see the horror for himself. Someone asked him how he managed to do it and he said he felt privileged to be let into people lives and do the work he did but it must be very hard to see so much suffering and hear so many tales of woe.

Right I’m off to meet Rich for coffee and a natter. I’m trying to ignore the fact that we now have another new PM and this one is even more interested in ID cards. Keep an eye on him on this clever little website.

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