CELTA sadly ending

Well we didn’t drown in London due to the rain. In fact it got much sunnier later on that day.

I’m busy planning my last ever lesson for the CELTA course which I will deliver on Tuesday amid a flood of tears because it’s all ending and I’ll have to go back to real life. Everyone should do a CELTA course – it was brilliant! Only problem is the job situation. It’s supposed to be quite hard to get regular work in England but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and the job searches going. Only problem is where to apply! May take the big step towards London but then again may just stay in quiet Norwich if I can.

Apart from job hunting I’m also writing an essay on dyslexia at the moment which is very interesting and looking forward to Hedda coming to visit. And I have been watching Keyvan write a useful bit of code that goes and searches his local library for books when he searches for them on Amazon. I’m hoping he’ll write me one for Norwich!

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