Sugar – It ain’t sweet

Day Seven of No Sugar! I’m doing fine although I do have to keep reminding myself not to eat sugar. It’s hard to remember, especially when you are hungry, to eat something sensible and not just munch on a chocolate. However I don’t really miss it much. I do feel a tiny bit thinner but not much. The real change is in my mood which is more stable. With less mood swings I feel happier and less lethargic and I am less likely to feel grumpy. My mind feels less agitated as well.

Yes I Hear you say sugar is bad for you! We know. Well maybe we know but why do we eat so much of it. The sugar trade is bad for people, it’s bad for our health and it’s really only good for profit makers ranging from plantation owners to big bad sugar corporations
Sugar was founded on slavery and not much has changed. The terrible conditions that many workers on sugar plantations endure is documented but not stopped. The British Medical Journal over thirteen years ago raised concerns of child workers. Concerns about obesity have also been raised but consumption increases. Concerns about the negative impact of sugar on health have been mooted by health professions and surface again and again from all quarters.
Sugar is a global concern for people concerned about inequality, poverty, slavery and health but yet I walk into any shop selling food and there it is – in everything.

So firstly I’m going to see how long I can go without the stuff, whether I feel better or whether I crave it and then I’m going to get hold of Nancy Appleton’s book Lick the Sugar Habit and read it. Watch this space for a book review.

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