The strawberries are over

Keyvan has posted up about his library look up code. It’s exciting that we might all be able to find libraries with ease and have the library records incorporated in our usual internet book searches.

I’m back in Norwich after finishing the CELTA course. I’m taking the opportunity to spruce up the house a bit. I’ve already painted the spare room and am now repainting my gate. The garden isn’t looking its best what with all my travelling and not giving it the love it needs. Luckily it’s fairly low maintenance and once I cut the grass it looked better. The strawberries are over now and it’s a shame I didn’t plant anymore edible plants apart from the herbs because it lovely to pick stuff from your own garden.

I do have this essay on dyslexia to finish so I’d better get back to it and the weather outside is quite nice so I should get out and about in this brief respite from the rain.

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