We just say we exist

So much has been happening lately. I was so pleased to hear that Alan Johnston had been freed that I cried. I became suspicious of Facebook and their data collection. I finally finished an assignment for my OU course. I gave up sugar and feel a million times better and I rediscovered Cake – the band not the food!

The oddest thing is the sugar. Once you’ve given it up you realize that it is everywhere and in everything. I feel like I’ve landed on a planet where the main food source is sugar.

I have to teach some adverbs tomorrow to my class so I had better go and get my head round the things. The best definition I have found so far is by Martin Parrott that they are the ‘dustbin’ word class – for all the words that wouldn’t fit in anywhere else.

I feel a poem coming on!

We are…
the dustbin class that you sweep all your remains into.
We are the ones who don’t want to be categorized or pigeonholed.
We want to be free but are forced into a class structure,
into a place in your neat tidy world.
They call us the adverbs and we just say we exist.

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