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I’ve just taught my last lesson on the CELTA course and it went quite well so I’m feeling quite pleased with myself and ready to go out and get a English teaching job. The school at Camden is winding down and preparing to be gutted and turned into something new. It’s kind of sad to think we’ll be the last lot of trainees that go through the place. I’m going to miss everyone on the course. It’s going to be weird to not mosey on down to the Northern line on a Tuesday and Thursday just in time to catch the rush hour, get coffee from the little shop across the road and chat about stuff as we wait for 6.30 to come round and the teaching to begin.

Keyvan is busy with his library code. He has now developed a script for Norfolk libraries so watch this space for a download soon. If you want a script written for your area then email me with request and I’ll pester him! He won’t do it but it’s worth a try!

The floods continue. The Red Cross are helping out and giving massages. But most importantly people are starting to think that climate change can affect Britain. Hopefully this encourages us to cut back on our giant carbon footprints before it’s too late.

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