A light gripe

I spent most of the weekend lying down trying to block out the horrible back pain but I’m feeling much better this week and have been back at work teaching my enthusiastic students. I took the psychology exam on Monday and it was less scary than imagined! There were moments in the hall when I was actually loving it which was nice! Now my course is over I feel kind of empty and have had too much time on my hands today.

London continues to be interesting but very dirty and crowded. I spent the evening in a pub in Covent Garden/Holborn last night and really noticed the crowds. Commuting is an interesting experience. Every day we uncomplaining cram ourselves into crowded carriages and read the trashy news that comes in the free papers. It’s hot and tiring but with some earphones in and a good book it can be bearable. It does make me wonder why we put up with it. I’m in constant amazement at how much rubbish we accept. Over crowding, big queues, inefficient systems just seem to be normal. Has no-one thought it might be a good idea just to get things done efficiently. Who’s in charge? I think moving has made me very angry. I have spent hours on the phone trying to cancel, move and set up accounts. I have to say that Npower where very efficient but most of the other companies I’ve had dealings with have been really bad. BT was by far the worst. Virgin wasn’t too good either. My other gripe is with the doctors surgeries. Every surgery wants something different – one a bill, another a passport. Why don’t they just give me an appointment to see the doctor and stop messing about with forms when they could simply ring up my old doctor and get all the information sent to them.

Ok that’s all my complaining out of the way! I’m going to get back to housework/shopping/reading activities and let you all get on with your lives!

Big hello to everyone in Norwich! I miss you all!

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