Chomsky and Tolstoy: Anarchists and Pioneers

London is a tough place to live. It’s nice to have all the culture and diversity but most people spend most of their time being exploited at work and commuting to and from that exploitation!! It’s not all bad! Work can be fun! I’m busy looking for a new job at the moment – so I need to hype up the enthusiasm! Ahhh I miss Norwich and the quiet life of cycling and seeing close friends.

I had a pretty nice time on Saturday going to the Anarchist Bookfair where I heard Dorothy Rowe talk about sibling relationships. She seems to be a pretty interesting psychologist – I must read up on her work. I also caught up with lots of friends and went for dinner at Indian Veg – a must for the budget conscious vegetarian.

I busy trying to swot up on some English grammar at the moment. It’s really quite amazing that we learn to use grammatical structures and yet know none of the rules and are unable to explain how or why we do anything. I really should read up on what Chomsky says about the whole thing.

I reading War and Peace at the moment and keep looking up Tolstoy on the internet. I can’t believe he was so interesting and influenced so many people. What a man! A Christian pacifist anarchist novelist with pioneering ideas about a wealth of things from serfdom to education. I’m going to get back to reading the epic prose!

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