Zoned out on the Underground

Well it’s all go here. Lukas came to stay which was lovely. We walked to Winchmore Hill and went into the interesting and warm pub for bad tea and spent the rest of the time at home eating and drinking which was rather nice. I then spent the week working and then went up to Norwich for a flying visit at the weekend. It was lovely to see people again and I spent several happy hours walking around with Ellie. We munched cheap cheese and onion rolls, sat in the library because it was warm and free and visited the Sainsbury Art Gallery. It was like going home. Norwich seemed so clean and lovely after London.

So now onto London and the sheer grimness of it. The dirt and the depression really gets you down. And the underground – don’t get me started!! What is going on with the tube. Why is it so unreliable, dirty, run down and just downright rubbish. How can one of the richest cities in the world have such a depressingly bad public transport service. It would seem that everyone is too busy going to work and trying to get home again to complain about it. One woman who had the audacity to mention the sheer awfulness of the tube was sacked. Although her spoofs mocking tube travellers might have influenced the decisions. Her site is down at the moment so I can’t check it out but if you want the link click here. It’s clear the man who ‘runs’ the tube and gets all the bonuses never uses it because I just don’t believe he would tolerate the state it’s in if he did.

On a lighter note my rock and roll star friend is playing a gig at Norwich Arts Centre on the 8th. It’s not really Rock and Roll – it’s the Anna Mudeka Band and I guess it’s probably called world music or something. Anyway it very good and if you’re free you should come and hang out with me there.

OK I’m going back to work. I’m trying to master conditionals at the moment and I feel as if I’ve made a breakthrough.

3 Responses to “Zoned out on the Underground”

  1. Joeboy Says:

    I’m “not really Rock and Roll”? Harrumph.

  2. Suzi Says:

    I didn’t mean you aren’t cool – I just meant that the music probably won’t be found in the rock and roll section of your local music shop. In fact I happen to know that you are in fact so rock and roll that you get through two guitars a week and have a string of destroyed hotel rooms in your wake. 😉

  3. Ellie G Says:

    Enjoy your music!

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