Media Lens win Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award

I’ve just been to see Media Lens receive the Gandhi Award in East London. It was lovely to see John Pilger there as well as the two amazing Davids who run Media Lens. They certainly deserve the award after the amazing job they do keeping a watch on our biased and truth-distorting media. There was a wonderful atmosphere there primarily because everyone was so polite and peaceful. I had a affirming sense of being in the same room as other people who believe in my own non-violent pacifist convictions. In fact this atmosphere is very indicative of the approach of Media Lens who have been stalwarts in the fight to get the truthful war coverage in the Middle East. One guardian writer put it rather well when he said
“The fact that Edwards and Cromwell are so unfailingly polite seems to upset the editors and journalists that they approach when probing their motives, actions and results. I seem to recall having been at the sharp end on one occasion too and it is an uncomfortable experience to be brought face to face with assumptions you have failed to question.” Roy Greenslade, The Guardian Blogs, 30.11.07.

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  1. matthew Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the event Suzi. To see pictures and read David Cromwell’s acceptance speech in full visit

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