From Turner to turnips

I’ve just had a lovely weekend in Keele and am now back in London awaiting an afternoon of fun with K’s family. I went to Liverpool yesterday which didn’t strike me on first appearances of being capital of culture but then what do I know. We walked into the city center and I wasn’t overly impressed but the dock area all done up with coffee shops and the Tate was quite nice and we spend a pleasant afternoon avoiding the over priced ‘Beatles Story’ and instead went to the Tate which was free and all the more wonderful for being free. If you go to Liverpool do nip into the shop at the ‘Beatles Story Experience’ as it is a pricey experience all of it’s own. Someone is making a lot of money for selling t-shirts and whatnot with lines from Beatles songs.
Jon and I saw the Turner Prize short-listed artists: Zarina Bhimji, Nathan Coley, Mike Nelson and Mark Wallinger. All quite good and worth seeing for yourself but as today is the last day maybe that’s not going to happen. The Turner Prize is quite interesting because it’s judged by directors of art galleries and journalists and not really by people or artists as you might imagine from the idea of nominations. For a laugh at the Tuner Prize check out these amusing cartoons.
The Turnip Prize is also a joke inspired by the Turner Prize.
However before you laugh too much at the Turner Prize remember that it’s worth £40 000 and it might be worth becoming an artists just to be nominated!

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