I’m having a Jamie Oliver moment! Isn’t he great! Good on him for raising the whole battery chicken issue. It’s a disgrace that they are treated so badly. I for one always try to avoid chicken because I can’t bear the thought of their painful lives and deaths. I’ve known a couple of people who worked in chicken factories and the stories they would tell were horrendous. I’m sure most of my avid readers are vegan and are horrified at the thought of meat eating so I’m sorry for bringing the subject up!

On a lighter note I’m happily working in London still. I’m now a regular attender at a poetry class where I am attempting to learn how to analyze poems. It’s great fun and will hopefully inspire to post some more up. I’m too scared to post anything serious up so you’re all treated to a diet of lightish verse instead!

I’ve just spent a pleasant half hour chatting to Erin on the phone – nothing like a natter with old friends to make you feel comfortable and cozy. I should really finish planning an exciting lesson for tomorrow but I may have to go off and watch more Jamie Oliver.

I posted up some photos from my week away in Rutland so check them out if you’re bored. I really like the close up of the flower. I know they’re not amazingly interesting as they’re primarily landscape shots and they don’t really demonstrate any technical skill but it was so lovely I just wanted a postcard kind of memory of the place.

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