The smallest county

I’m currently in Rutland on holiday. It’s lovely to be in the countryside. Rutland water streches silvery and peaceful in front of out window and the fields are so green. We’ve just walked the 3 miles into Oakham to use the free internet at the library and I’m looking forward to a relaxing swim in the pool this evening. We checked out Barnsdale Lodge for a drink yesterday evening and I would recommned a visit if you’re in the area. Sunday night ensured it was lovely and quiet and we supped drinks while playing chess in warm, cozy, embroidered surroundings! If you’re in Oakham – check out the ‘castle’, the library and the museum because they’re all free. If you want to spend money then try thee charity shops – they’re all very good here. There is lots of countryside to walk in and adorable little towns so there is plenty to do if you love the countryside 🙂

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