Therapeutic Norwich

I had a wonderful time yesterday having Norwich therapy. I nipped up after work to see Will, Ella, Joe and Rich. We met up in Pulse which I think is a lovely café/vegetarian restaurant. I adore the way their slices of cake leave you stuffed. Yesterday was my first experience of eating their veggie dishes and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Being amongst old friends was remarkably therapeutic and a visit to Elements of Health for a relaxing massage was the best thing after almost a whole week at work!
Pulse is a great café if you’ve veggie or vegan. It’s got a great relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I’d heard the food wasn’t great but I was happy with my Mediterranean vegetable tian at just under £7. I love popping in for tea and cake and chilling out on their sofas. It’s definitely one of my favourite venues in Norwich.
I dashed back to Norwich for work this morning and then faced the pouring rain to come up to Keele. I’m curled up in Jon’s front room with a roaring fire spending a little internet time writing this! He has a massive TV so I’m catching up on years of TV deprivation! Not that I’m advoacting getting a TV. No siree! I say throw it out of the window and go for a wholesome walk. But it is lovely when someone else has one and you can watch it 😉

After the relaxing holidays it was a little hard on the first day of work. The job is going well but I’m heartened by thoughts of a holiday in the third week of January where I will be treating myself to daily swims and saunas. I have just enrolled on a contemporary poetry course where I am hoping to learn how to analyse poems quickly and efficiently. It might have the effect of making me write more poems for your reading so be warned!

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