Flipping pancakes

I tootled off to watch The Verb being recorded on Friday night. It was all quite exciting and something I would suggest you do if you’re around London. The tickets are free which is nice. I then spent a very pleasant Saturday in Chiswick. I popped into Maison Blanc for a delicious breakfast/lunch moment. It’s a nice French ‘boulangerie-pâtisserie-chocolaterie’ and lovely to spend an hour or two in. I’ve been reading Terry Eagleton – How to Read a Poem. It’s quite good and has produced more than a few chuckles from me which is always nice if you’re reading an informative book. I’m listening to the latest album from Cats on Fire. The Province Complains is the best thing they’ve done yet in my opinion.

As it’s Shrove Tuesday I’m indulging in a pancake moment. K very bravely flipped a pancake or two after he’d seen me survive unscathed from the experience.

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