Big treasures and little boxes

We’re busy moving out of the flat so everything is in boxes. There is that sad sort of emptiness when you leave somewhere and you’re packing up all the possessions you treasure or need into little boxes and bags. We’re attempting to live a relatively possession free lifestyle but there seems to be a never ending amount of tat that needs to be dealt with. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even been to my favourite gallery for ages now. I did go to the V&A with Eleanor and her partner on Friday night. They stay open late on a Friday so we went on the tour in the afternoon and then sat in in the cafe absorbing the culture from afar. Later on we got to be spectators in a fashion show put on by students from Wimbledon College of Art – some of which was beautiful and some thought provoking. After which we headed out to a nearby Thai restaurant where we availed ourselves of delicious food and bottle of rosé.

I’m heading back to Norwich next week to catch up with everyone and Keyvan off to Sweden to see how nice it is so we won’t be missing North London too much!

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