From Champagne to Climate Change

I’m back in London after a very refreshing holiday in Wales. The highlight was sitting in a hot tub looking at the moon whilst sipping champagne. That was pretty good. The worst bit was probably the time we trudged miles in the pouring rain but that was pretty mild compared to the wet adventure I had last year climbing up Snowdon.

As soon as I got back here I climbed on my bike and cycled into Central London. It only takes about 50 minutes so I’m still wresting with myself over whether I should cycle in to work every morning. It’s so cold at the moment and the thought of heavy traffic is putting me off.

Yesterday I went to my favourite little cafe in Chiswick – you know the one! I’m reading a book called Solitude by Anthony Storr. It really nice to hole up somewhere and munch down a couple of pages of it. Today after work I nipped into the National Gallery for a free tour and then vegged out at home in front of Juno – a refreshingly good film with an excellent sound track. Thanks for the recommendation Baggins and Co.

On a more serious note I’m noticing there is a lot of opposition to airport expansion especially the Heathrow and Stansted expansions. There has been an unfortunate decision by the High Court to state the expansion as legal. Several groups are involved in trying to stop the expansions, including Stop Stansted Expansion and Stop Heathrow Expansion. The usual Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth campaigns are going and Ken Livingstone has come out against expansions. I guess it’s up to us to stop flying despite the cheap flights and the expensive alternatives. When the government starts to take climate change seriously and taxes air travel while subsiding greener forms of transport, I’ll start to believe they care about the issue.

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