Madonna’s stupid comments

I was angered when Madonna of all people criticised London transport last week. She has also criticised the NHS in the past. I am not interested in ignorant rich people who think the roads, hospitals and other such useful things were invented purely for them but I am furious that they think they can comment on things they don’t even use. Just because she’s caught in a traffic jam she wants us all to feel sorry for her. Get out of your car that’s polluting the air for the rest of us and stop whinging. How dare she mention the congestion charge – she probably doesn’t even notice the money she spends on it and without the charge Central London would be horrendous. If we’re going to cut traffic and air pollution we all have to do our bit and we’re lucky in London to have such a good public transport system. I know that’s not without it’s problems and it certainly drives me crazy at times but at least we’ve got it and you really can live in London and not feel that you need a car. Ken Livingstone did a brilliant thing introducing it. Go Ken go!!

And as for criticising the NHS… since when do people with any money use the NHS? As far as I can tell there is one system for them that can’t pay and nice private hospitals for thems that can.

Oh it feels good to rant!

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