I’m actually in Sweden!

I have arrived in Sweden and am now amid blue and yellow flags and red wooden houses. Gothenburg airport is very tiny and sweet. It’s a bit of a backwards time warp when you step off the plane for the first time. I could see red houses and fields of horses right next to the airport. The airport used to owned by the military and most of the control buildings were underground – you can see a tower next to a arch cave like entrance as you fly in.

The coastline of Sweden is very interesting. It’s a bit of a wiggly line and there are lots of rocky looking islands dotted with red houses along the coast. These tiny fishing villages look like children’s toys from the air so I’m looking forward to getting a proper look soon. According to the gentleman behind me on the plane there is an inlet/canal/river that starts at the coastline here and cuts straight through Sweden. You can sail through it on a ship apparently.

It’s not too far from the airport if you are picked up by hospitable friends and ferried back to their house – as indeed I was. Keyvan has spent the last two days cycling around the area and has fallen in love with Sweden – more later!

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