Sunny Norwich peacefully snoozing

It’s so nice to be back in Norwich. It’s unbelievably peaceful and calm and the pace of life is so gentle and slow. The pavements are relatively uncrowded and I haven’t had to squash myself onto any form of public transport because I can cycle everywhere in the city. I wouldn’t leave but I hear that Gothenburg is nice this time of year!

Tonight I’m going to spend with Will, Ella and probably Rich for an early dinner and then tomorrow I’m off to Sweden. It’s against my environmental ideals but yes I am flying there. Primarily because it’s so complicated, expensive and time consuming to go any other way. Hopefully on the way back we’ll figure out a nice meandering and greener route to get back and do a bit of Europe sightseeing on the way. There is a convenient train from Norwich to Stansted and some lovely people to pick me up from Gothenburg airport so the rest of the journey is all set.

We’re going to spend the next month staying in Gothenburg and checking out the city. Keyvan is out there already and tells me it’s lovely. I hear the beaches around the area are beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing how Swedish society is run. I don’t expect it to be widely different from Norway and Denmark but because I’ve never been before it’s quite exciting to be on a voyage of discovery.

We’ve both got ourselves new mobiles with skype inbuilt so we can contact everyone and everyone can reach us for free while we’re out there. Of course you’ll get regular blog updates because I hear that Sweden is endowed with high speed, reliable internet that I will make sure I have access to.

Right I’m off to do the million and one things I have to do before I leave – not least of which is the haircut – it’s all coming off so if you don’t recognize me it’s because I’ve divested myself of all the fluff and curls and am going for a simple man cut!!

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