How should individuals act when the government is wrong?

The weather turned cold on Monday and it seemed like the Gothenburg honeymoon was over but a change back today has restored my faith in the idea of a long hot Swedish summer. Apart from nipping into town and cycling to the sea I’ve been very busy the last couple of days grappling with CSS, html and embedding maps. I’m going to put up a new page on my website soon so you can see what I’ve done. I doubt anyone is going to be impressed!

We’ve just been to watch a film at the Global Studies Department at Göteborgs Universitet. For a few Wednesdays at 6pm students are showing free films. Today we watched Sophie Scholl. A film I was expecting to be like ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’ but it was quite different. Instead of using violence to make you sob, it was thought provoking – it making you think about how individuals should act when they perceive that the government is wrong.

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