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Last night Keyvan and I braved the cold (and boy was it cold our hands were actually freezing) and headed into the centre to Klubb Populär at Storan. The club was cozy with red curtains and a disco ball hanging between chandeliers. Joyti’s friend Mattias was DJing and I have to say his music was pretty fun to listen to – Indie music Swedish style. There were two bands playing – one of which was Elenette and the other Palpitation. Elenette were really good fun and the crazy dancers in the front rows obviously though so too, unfortunately my lack of Swedish stopped me digging the lyrics – but this is definitely one band you want to jump to. They have some interesting things to say about gender and they say it in a analytical philosophical logical way that’s hard to follow if you haven’t studied enough. Despite this it’s refreshing to know that bands have actually got something to say. For pictures of the night visit my gallery.

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  1. Ellie Says:

    Love the photo of Keyvan – did you take it – very professional!

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