Norwich takes green issues seriously

I can’t believe that Boris Johnson actually won the vote and is now Mayor of London. It’s probably going to be awful in London now – he’s scrap the congestion charge and do about a million other things that are anti-green, anti-social and anti ordinary people. Not that Ken Livingstone was the best thing ever – there are lots of problems in London – but at least there were some changes to do with transport in the city. In fact the council elections have been a huge fiasco with conservatives gaining seats. It’s as if everyone thinks there are only two parties to vote for. What sort of a democracy do they think it is? Luckily I harbor no illusions that Britain is actually a democracy anyway. I was pleased to see however that the Greens had gained some seats in Norwich – now that’s one city that taking climate change a little seriously. I’m not even going to mention the BNP and UKIP – what the hell is going on – why are people voting for parties that are little more that racist statements masquerading as manifestos? I guess it comes down to the rubbish the media pumps down the throats of people every day.

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  1. Ellie Says:

    Can’t agree with his political perspective but Boris may give us some things to laugh about, if his previous form is anything to go by…………

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