Officially the most beautiful garden in all of Sweden

The weather is lovely again and on Sunday Keyvan and I went to the Botanical Gardens. They are absolutely fabulous. I’m not an expert on the different species growing there but the place is really pretty, it smells good and there is plenty of grass for people to sit down and enjoy the space. They are also the most interactive gardens I’ve been too, I think you get that sense from the variety of little paths and stepping stones to walk on; tunnels to walk through and little hills to climb up. At the far end of the garden there is a mini valley with steep rocky sides, a short climb allows you to enjoy a view of Gothenburg. For the budget conscious it’s good to know you can wander round the gardens for free because the entrance fee of 20 kroner is voluntary. A trip inside the hot houses will however cost you 20 kroner. It was pretty busy on Sunday as it was so sunny but I guess that the hoards as well as the queues in the cafe are significantly less during the week.

I’ve also finally finished my first short story. It’s still in a considerable rough state and I’m pretty sure it’s not good but I still feel as if I achieved something!

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  1. Ellie Says:

    The Botanic Gardens are superb – wonderfully well tended and a mass of colour.
    Highly recommended.

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