Shiver me timbers thems be sea horses

It’s been so cold here that I’ve spent at least a couple of days wearing jumpers and shivering. We had lunch with Swedish friends on Sunday and over the moose and potatoes they told us about Swedish weather and how there was snow in the middle of Sweden. Apparently the changeable nature of it is to be expected. If it’s this cold in summer I can’t even imagine what winter would be like.

Staying in the Swedish vibe I went to the Maritime Museum and Aquarium today. It’s a great place to take kids as there are lots of models of ships, a fun pirate ship area to play in and tables to eat a picnic on. There is also an aquarium with lots of fishes, coral and sea horses. It feels cruel to look at them in their glass cages but fascinating nonetheless.

Rachel emailed about her time in South America checking out the biofuels situation there. It’s an informative read if you have time.

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