A brief trip to Hisingen

I cycled down the river and over the bridge to Hisingen to have a look around. I cycled through the houses up to S.A.Hedlunds Park and Slätta Damm. It’s a lovely wild area – hills covered in trees and Slätta Damm is a lake covered in water lilies. The Swedes really know how to make parklands for people to use.

On another topic – tip of the hat to The Archers and the brilliant storyline of the swap club and other attempts to make the fictional village sustainable. What a great idea – we should all set up things like that – in fact people have but now it’s achieved global fame on the Archers maybe other people will jump on board the idea. On a similar note the Norwich Swap Shop is still going strong. Visit it on Gentleman’s Walk on the 8th of every month between 10 and 4, to swap some stuff or volunteer your time.

For other useful things in Norwich you could check out The Greenhouse.

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