A slice of heaven

I’ve just cycled to Gunnebo House. It’s an absolutely lovely eighteenth century house and gardens and I think the first of it’s kind that I’ve actually wanted to live in just because of its simple charm. The house is built in a clean simple neo-classical style and boasts a fully functioning organic kitchen garden that supplies the busy cafe there. It also has a formal garden as well as surrounding parkland, a stage for concerts and at the moment a somewhat dead looking Swedish maypole!

It’s about 10km outside Gothenburg and so only takes about 1 hour to cycle there and it’s a simple journey to make matters even easier. If you start at Liseberg, you just head towards Mölndal until you see a sign for Gunnebo.

The first thing you glimpse is the sparkling blue green lake, then the little sandy beach. Through the woods you arrive at the bottom of the drive and you can glimpse the white house and the beautiful white gated, grass bordered steps that lead to the house. It’s completely free to wander in the gardens but you do have to pay 70 ske to go into the house. There are toilets in the cafe and one near the house that non-one seems to mind you using if you’re not a paying customer. All in all it’s a golly good day out and if you’ve never learnt to cycle it is possible to get a bus or a tram out there and so it’s a little slice of heaven accessible to everyone.

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