George Bush denied the right to hear that people are angry in Britain

I’m currently watching the news about George Bush’s arrival at Downing Street and am disappointed but not surprised at the size of the anti-Bush/war/American foreign policy demonstration. According to the news the demonstrators are nowhere near Downing Street, instead held back by large police lines, and therefore unlikely to be seen or heard by Bush. A clear demonstration of (dare I say it) the lack of true democratic right to opinion in Britain.

It’s also sad to see how small the demonstrations have become over the last five years – I don’t think the numbers represent the amount of anger felt by people over the whole war charade nor the disappointment felt in the government. Many people are however confused about the situation as the reasons for war sold to them have changed every time one became an untenable lie. The success of ‘the great war sale’ has been down to that most effective weapon of all – namely the war propaganda pumped out by the media. Anyone in doubt about this should check out the work Media Lens have been doing.

Here in Sweden the war in the Middle East seems far away and I’ve been spending my days reading books by Bertrand Russell. The weather has turned again and it’s currently raining heavily. I’ve spent a very pleasant day baking cakes and other wholesome things. Yesterday K and I cycled with his friend up to Partille where we consumed pizza, non-alcoholic gooseberry pop and sweet Swedish strawberries.

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