Grey Sky

I cycled up to the Konstmuseum today. Most of the place is still being renovated but the 5th floor is due to open again on the 25th June and the 6th floor on the 2nd July so I’m getting quite excited about that. Meanwhile downstairs there is a good exhibition of Thomas Zornat’s work which I took to. He has a great style and I loved his misty window raindrop pictures.
I also went into the Konsthallen to look at the new exhibition entitled Tomorrow Always Belongs To Us. It’s pretty hardcore modern art but they’ve produced a great little booklet that explains where the artists are coming from and what inspires them, which really helps if you’re a modern art novice like me.

Meanwhile Gothenburg is grey and drizzly. Outside the seagulls are calling to each other and the elderflower are just going off and if I’m going to make another batch of elderflower cordial I had better go out to pick some.

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