Boiling hot sun drenched days

We’ve had several days of boiling hot sun drenched days. Unlike the avid sun tanners I am hiding inside and wisely refusing to go out until early evening just in case I droop, burn or perspire to death in the heat.

Mum is spending some time here with us in Sweden and she is cheerfully brazing the heat and whizzing about on one of the bikes. In braver moments I have accompanied her on exploratory journeys around the city and we’ve been to the city museum and taken advantage of their free city tour and the museum tour. Both highly recommended. We’ve also been to look at the reconstruction of a viking ship at Klippan. It looked surprisingly like other boats.

Last night we cycled down to the coast in time to watch the sunset on the water. It really is the most beautiful coastline and tonight we’re going to go back and will perhaps just perhaps go swimming. We’re a little scared of all the jellyfish.

In keeping with our low impact environmental lifestyle we have introduced Mum to Swedish recycling and she really getting into the swing of it. She particularly loves the recycling facilities at supermarkets where you get cash back for empty cans and bottles.

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  1. Ellie Says:

    Well the recycling is awesome. Find an empty plastic bottle or drinks can lying discarded on the street and it is no longer a thing to be despised or dispaired of…….oh no, it is a thing of great worth and value. Collect the little beauties as you stroll around the city and then visit a supermarket to avail yourself of their recycling facilities…a few moments later and these unwanted items have been transformed into shiny money….another great idea from Sweden!
    Love it,

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