Ubiquity – a taste of the near future

K came home last night with an armful of new ideas that he spilled out onto the table and I picked through them like shiny pebbles to see which I could hoard as treasure. But it seems too valuable to hoard so I’m blogging about the thing that makes me most excited…

it’s a a new project called Ubiquity. Once you install it really makes things easier for you when you’re online. So I spent a happy hour last night playing with it and I found out what the weather was like in Norwich, viewed a map and embedded it in an email, emailed my brothers, found out what a load of new words meant and translated a load of paragraphs on Swedish pages to English. It was so amazingly easy and just a taste of what the internet is going to be like. It’s only in the experimental stages but I would recommend installing it if you’re up for trying something new.

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